Omnia breaking out 

The good news for 2019 is that my collaborative album with Matt Labarge is been getting some traction on Sirius satellite!!

Now in Colorado! 

I have been teaching behavioral ecology at Regis University in Denver as of 2018; if you are interested in assistance in any bioacoustics or sound-related research, do give me a shout!

Grand Transients breaks out!! 

Spark the Future, the new album by Grand Transients made Echoes Top 25 list for January, all in the first two weeks!!

Undercurrents wins award 

Nice way to start the new year - the podcast series I produced for the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute has received a Platinum Award from the AVA, a media communications trade group.

Oh yes, and there's a new Chrys Bocast music album coming out this month...

Production notes 

I have been spending a lot of time finishing the next Chrys Bocast album - things always seem to take ten times as long as they ought to, but it will be out by Christmas!


All my production time for the last several months has been devoted to finishing a new album with sound designer and world-traveling raconteur Michael Ver Steegt. I am working again for the The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute though, so there is a new podcast series underway! Some day I will rest, but I really don't know when that day will be… :)

North to Alaska 

Hammering out the details for doing a podcast series on sustainable fishing in Alaska! In the Sounds section, I've added a 5 minute teaser interview with Winston Warr, on how fishermen practice gill-netting in Sitka Sound. Expect a lot more by the end of the summer...

How about that? 

The sounds coming from an electric eel are quite similar to some sounds I recorded of lake sturgeon spawning, that I claimed were most likely electric. 

How about that?

Soundscapes in Maine 

Heading out to Wells, Maine this July for the Global Soundscapes Network conference. Should be great to hear from all the heavy-weights and new faces in the sensory ecology world!!

Bring it on, 2014!! 

Loads of interesting things planned for 2014 - have a great new year!!!