Short color piece  by Eric Peterson. Decent clip, though he leads with the one quote where I lapsed into surf-speak… heard myself doing it too, but it was late in the interview, and I didn't insist on a re-do. I won't make that mistake again…  :)”

Fox News, Channel 11, Green Bay

The Aldo Leopold Soundscape Reconstruction I created with Stanley Temple enjoyed worldwide publicity from very respected sources.” - Liat Clark

Wired UK

The Leopold soundscape project also saw considerable coverage from top outlets in the United States.” - Rebecca Boyle

Popular Science

The buzz really started with this article.” - Terry Devitt

UW-Madison News

NPR!! Though this show really gives my contributions short shrift (there wasn't a "team" - it was Stan and myself in my studio), Stanley is still a great intellectual, scientist and human being,  and he deserves lots of recognition for his work” - Boston Public Radio

Living on Earth

My production of People of the Sturgeon won the National Indie Award for Excellence in the Audiobooks Category in 2012!”

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